Under the nearly divine direction of Nancy Wolfson (, the fine photography of Leila Jones (, the brain storming of Roy and Josh Jones ( and the ninja web skills of the guy who did the whole bloody site, Jason (, my site is up!

Check it out!

Trevor Jones

Reason #63

California is the best place to do VO from:

The Best VO Practice Ever...

Tonight I climbed on the roof with my baby Ash and we read Lemony Snickets together. I love California weather in the summer at night and there's nothing I like more than hanging with one of my babies...

Trevor Jones

My Blessed Brother

I just read a bunch of copy for my brothers answering system for his business into a $3000 Neumann. He will now proceed to convert and degrade it until its barely intelligible to the human ear.

My brother Roy is a Wealth Manager. In exchange for my services, he has agreed not to churn my massive account. For one day.

You can hear my digitally degraded voice here: (801) 545-8706

Trevor Jones

The Latest...

I figured out how to get my demos up on my blog... Not too thrilled with the pink, but for now, what the heck!

My domain name ( now points to my blog. Once my site is up, that'll change.

I'm making new friends on Facebook - Andy Gellar - the voice of Disney, and Ben Patrick Johnson - the voice of Blu-Ray and half the stuff you hear on TV and in theaters. I've met Ben once in person, really nice guy.

Trevor Jones

Don't Try This At Home...

Fireworks are illegal pretty much everywhere... So my kids made do... Dry ice and plastic bottles. Dude. Its louder than you think. And dangerous.

Beach Shoot

Leila shot some photos for my website last night. We borrowed 5 year old Amy and tossed her in the air for awhile...

Trevor Jones
soon to be of:

I am not PC

And by day, I'm helping Disney be non-pc too it appears!  I've been working on promos for a great new Disney animated feature, The Princess and the Frog.  Looks like our latest pieces got a little attention.  I worked on Tour 4:

Trevor Jones