My New Girlfriend! Gasp!

As I was packing the garage to move a couple months ago, I found a list of goals from 1998.  One of my goals was to have a Frisbee dog.  All three of the dogs we've had since then have been rescues, with their built in issues.  They've been awesome, and we've loved them to death, but I haven't been able to turn any of them into frisbee dogs.   Speaking of death, we lost one (Toni) last year and another (Riley) this year.  Toni lived to nearly 16, and Riley to 14.  Nothing can replace them.  My daughter Kalin was crying, missing Toni, just yesterday.  : (

Jonesie - my wife's dog -is our most recent rescue and  we're working hard with him to help him get over the insecurity and aggression issues he came with.  He's in obedience classes right now, and he's come a long way.

I'll be 50 next year.  Mid life crisis time, right?  A little anxious, and in need of something exciting, something new, something different.  OK, I'd really like a 2013 BMW M5, but that like $100 grand.  I'd love a 6 month hiatus to Italy, but that's not practical just yet.

So what to do... Well, I've been obsessing about Border Collies for some time now.  And it was time.  I ultimately found my dream dog - a purebred female Border Collie with high toy drive - from Heather Hutchings of Power House Border Collies.

My new baby's name is Saphira Marie.  Saphira after the dragon in the Eragon book series (not the movie, the movie sucked) and Marie is my daughter Kalin's middle name.

She is literally the most beautiful dog I've ever seen.  Sure, I'm slightly biased, since I'm in love and all, but if you can find a better looking dog, send me a picture!  And she is freaking perfect - fun, playful, affectionate, afraid of nothing - human or animal, and has an off switch so she can be mellow.

She goes with me everywhere I can take her, and some places I can't.  She's eaten at lots of restaurants - they just give her a pass since she's so freaking adorable.

Oh, and she's already great at fetching a Frisbee!

Here are some pics my awesome photographer wife Leila took of us tonight:

True Love

Yes, her eyes really are that blue.

Vocal warm ups

Portable Voice Over Studio - VO on the Road

Every once in awhile, I'm able to escape.  I mean, full on escape.  Just leave town, alone.  At this stage of my life, a solo 7 hour road trip is really a lot of fun.

I recently took such a trip from my home in California to meet up with my brothers, one of my sons and my nephew for a guy vacation.  We met in St. George, Utah for some amazing mountain biking.

Along with my mountain bike, luggage and a crate for my new Border Collie to be picked up on the rebound, I also brought my portable voice over studio.  My travel studio consists of an iPad, Twisted Wave, and an Apogee Mic.

But come on, its vacation, do I really want to WORK on vacation?  Well, sort of.  I actually love doing voice over.  And while I don't go out of my way to audition on vacation, if I client needs something right away, I want to be able to provide it...

Sure enough, after I left the house, a client emailed and needed a script read.  So I drove up I 15 and found an offramp to nowhere.  I pulled down a dirt road, where the only noise I could hear came from the shrieking cactus.  I whipped out my studio, put a towel over my head, recorded, edited and sent.

If you're serious about voice over, a portable rig isn't a bad idea.


Trevor Jones and The 2012 Olympics

I sometimes think "Dang, I'm too old to be competitive in any sport now".  Ok, I was never really into sports, other than lifting, motocross, martial arts and marathoning, but still...  So the odds of me making an appearance in the Olympics were, well, zilch.

Until now...

Airing during the 2012 Olympics is...


...for several spots I did for Wreck it Ralph.

Oh look, here's one now:

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Website Update!

My website was fine - but it was starting to look dated, even though it was only a year or two old.  More importantly, it was Flash.  Gah.  I wish Flash would die a quick and painful death.  Yes, Flash can be pretty, but its just slow, buggy and not supported on iPhone of iPad. 

So here's the new website!

The Secret World of Arrietty

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Dancing with the Disney Channel Stars - Beauty and the Beast

No re-release of Beauty and the Beast would be complete without this!

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The Ultimate Portable Voiceover Studio

Most of the time, I'm within about 30 feet of a voice over booth.  But sometimes I'm on the road.  Yes, I know, I should take a real break every once in a while and totally relax.  But, I  love voice over - even doing auditions. Sometimes, a client needs a job done, no matter where I am in the world.  I've traveled with a big chunk of my real studio and I've also left town without anything.  Neither option worked.

I researched and tested and finally found what I think is a pretty amazing travel studio.  It consists of the iPad 3, TwistedWave, and the Mic by Apogee

When the iPad first came out, I thought it was a waste.  Just a big iPhone.  Now that I have one, it's indispensable.  I use it all the time - from email, to reading auditions and of course, recording auditions.

I tried other apps for recording on my iPhone and later on my iPad, but nothing met all of the features I needed. Specifically - recording quality of at least 48k/16 bit, the ability to easily and quickly edit and exporting options that included both mp3 and AIFF.  TwistedWave meets and exceeds my needs for voiceover. 

For a mic that costs $199, the quality is incredible.  Joe Cipriano AB'd the Mic against his Sennheiser 416 and the results are impressive.

I thought I was the first one to notice this exact set up, but right after I recorded this video, I saw a post on Kara Edwards wall on Facebook and she found exactly the same thing!  Brilliant minds think alike.

Check out the the video to learn more.

Go ahead and shoot me an email with your questions, I look forward to connecting with you.

I'm Afraid. Will Apple Become Dead To Me?

I guess you could say I'm sort of an Apple fan boy.  I've had Mac's since the days of the LC.  Right now in my home we've got 4 Macs, 4 iPhones, maybe 3 iPod touches, an AirPort Extreme, an Apple TV and who knows how many other iPods. 

I've been editing on Macs using Final Cut Pro since version 1.   I record voice over using Soundtrack Pro.  I'm addicted to all things Mac.

But that could be changing. 

Apple abandoned Final Cut Pro in favor of iMovie Pro.  When I first read about Final Cut Pro X I was giddy, and planned on buying it the day it came out.  Then the reviews started coming in.  Uh oh.  I went to the Apple store and tried it out.  Horrific. Unprofessional.  Unusable. Don't get me wrong - I'm all about new stuff, changing the paradigm, going tapeless and such.  But are you kidding me?  Basic functionality available in the first version of FCP isn't even there in FCP X.

And over the last few months we've heard rumors that they might discontinue the Mac Pro.  No. Way.  My Mac Pro has 4 massive internal hard drives and three video cards.  I'm sure thunderbolt is amazing, but I really don't want more cables and hard drive enclosures cluttering my studio, attached to some high powered iMac. 

I get it.  From the narrow view of a business exec, the real Final Cut Pro has a very small market base.  Laptops are 70% of computer sales. The pro market is a tiny fraction of the consumer market.  But why in the heck do you think the consumer market does so well?  One reason is because the pros tell the world how amazing Macs are.  Why has my immediate and extended family embraced Apple and spent 10's of thousands of dollars on Apple products over the years?   It has a lot to do with the fact that big brother and daddy (me) has worked in the entertainment industry for a dozen years on a mac, and sings its praises.

Please Apple.  Don't make me get a Droid.