Mexico changes you...

Don LaFontaine Lab Fundraiser

I'm passing on the word.  There is a fund raiser being held at Joe Cipriano's home on September 2 for a VO Lab to be built in DLF's honor.

This looks to be a great opportunity to give back!

Click on the link above to buy tickets.

Paint Ball With One of my Boys!

Welts all over my chest. Ow.

My portable VO Booth

Finally arrived!

I think it enhances my eyes, don't you?

HazMat Student

I just voiced the phone system for

If you want some OSHA training (and really, who doesn't), this is the place to go!

Trevor Jones

The Cliffs of Insanity

Two of my babies and I made it to White Face. Death is like 4 feet
away from us. It makes me want to base jump.

The Day Job...

Today was my first day as an employee at my new job. OK, I've been freelancing here for like 3 months, but they've made me and employee now. Its a great place to work. AND there's plenty of VO opportunity her. I'm cutting promotional pieces for Disney movies to be aired on Disney Channel.