Post Demo Private

Just had my post demo private consult with Nancy Wolfson of  I have a plan.  I have confidence.  I have a professional website in the works.  

I'm auditioning now,  but once my site is up, I'll really start cranking.  

Trevor Jones


I've been in desperate need of personal space.  Leila has the office at home - a detached structure with all her photography stuff in it.  I feel like an invader when I go back there.  

We have a 5 bedroom house - full of kids, who will never leave.  So no office space for daddy available there any time soon.

Leila suggested we build out a section of the garage. So I got a quote.  Then she said it was too much money for something so temporary as she wants a car soon.  Somehow, she's grown tired of driving the 8 passenger Astro van while I drive the Bimmer.  Who can blame her?  She'll want her car garaged.

So she suggested I just section off a portion of the bedroom.  I did.  Tho it IS the bedroom, I fell like it's my space to a degree.  All that was lacking was a computer...

Lets see.. Leila has and 8 core MacPro with dual monitors in her office as well as a new MacBook.  I have, well, nothing...  What did I want?  A 17" MacBook Pro in my office in the garage.  

What did I settle for?  I moved the MacPro into the bedroom. 

 I took the old 19" CRT beast with it, and set up Leila with the 24" Dell attached to her laptop in the office, making it as clean and simple as possible.  She also gets the 750 GB external drive.  I'll get her a 500 GB internal drive so she can have all her stuff on her laptop and use the external drive for time machine backups.

Dude.  I'm giddy as a school girl.  I have some space of my own.  Sort of.  I've got my mic up there but the acoustics aren't great.  I'll fix that, and get some speakers, and I'll be in business.  I even brought the all in one printer up there.

One monitor kind of suckss - but the solution for now is Spaces - My mac allows me to have a bunch of switchable work spaces.  Pretty cool.  So many features on Mac I don't even use.

Now all I need is a website and about 5 agents.

Then I'll be happy.

Trevor Jones

My Profile

I don't think I've ever posted it - so here it is - my profile:

Soon, there will be better - A website that I didn't make in iWeb.

Trevor Jones MP3 Settings

Last night I auditioned for a ton of stuff on  Today I went back and listened to a couple and... crap!  Static!  Instant death for an audition. 

The answer:  The flash player is finicky - it only wants a bitrate of 128 kbps and a sample rate of 44.1 kHz.  Make sure your settings are correct when you convert to MP3.

Trevor Jones

Demo Fever

Having my commercial demo REALLY has me wanting to do my next demos.  Dude.  I can't wait till I'm doing this full time.

Trevor Jones


Whew!  Its finally done!

I've uploaded it to, but I'm not putting myself out there till I have a professional website up.  That will be soon.

I'm pretty excited.

Trevor Jones

Must Find A Way

To provide content others will want to read... Right now its my personal journey to stardom... I suppose when I'm a star, these old boring posts will be amusing to adoring fans.

Is it time?

I think I'm out of auditions to read, ie, caught up... Time to join voices123?


I've got a ton of stuff on my list to get this voice over thing cranking...

•  Get my demo back
•  Have my post demo private with Nancy
•  Determine my brand
•  Determine domain name and buy it
•  Get my website up
•  Update with my demo and weblink
•  Upgrade
•  Get agents in major domestic markets
•  Consider agents in foreign markets
•  Post comments on VO blogs to get my name out there
•  Figure out how to be an internet termite. I'm already doing google alerts
•  Audition as much as possible on voices123 and, for practice if nothing else
•  Formulate a complete plan, including what I'll do each day

Leila just got back from a 3 day photography seminar and has some new software that's supposed to help you stay organized.  I'll have a look at it.

I submitted about 6 auditions today at  I'm finding what I like and what comes naturally... Its also much easier to sound natural, courtesy of Nancy and Jeff.

Tempted to sign up now... They seem to be getting higher end jobs. They need me.

Trevor Jones

The Plan

Maybe its too much, but what the heck. The plan is to read for every audition I fit the profile for on Once I'm caught up, I'll get a premiere membership on voices123 and do the same. I'm reading a little each morning and night.

After I get a good agent or five, I'll reevaluate.

How Cool Is This?

So I admit it. I'm pretty new to this blogging thing. Just found a nifty trick: I can just email a post directly to my blog, even with a picture. Me like. Expect some posts from my iPhone with crappy pictures and bad spelling.

Trevor Jones

I envision a world...

Where everyone turns to me to see how they can jump start their voice over careers and be just like me. But that's at least a few weeks off, since I just recorded my first demo last week...

For now, I'll be making sarcastic comments to myself about myself for my own edification. But as I launch my VO career, I'm sure I'll learn a bunch of stuff and have something resembling wisdom to share.

I'm actually pretty excited about this whole thing. I've been training for a year and a half with a great coach, Nancy Wolfson, and with her acting coach, Jeff. I'm ready to hit this thing head on. I'll have my demo in a couple weeks, my post demo private with Nancy after that, then I'll get a website going.

Nancy told me about one of her students who wasn't particularly talented, but made a bunch of money in VO because she was an internet termite. I need to learn to do that.

After the site is up, I'll work on getting agents in the major US cities.

Next is narration demo, Spanish demo, trailer demo and promo demo.

In the mean time, I'll try to blog here several times a week, and submit on


Trevor Jones