Are there iPhone Apps for Voice Over?

Well, actually, there are. I looked at a couple of them, and submitted my demos to both. Both apps appear to cater to producers looking for talent.

Talent Please is a brand new app that hails from Australia. You can use it to find talent and recording studios. It is just an app - it doesn't have a website that mirrors what it does.

Because the app is in its infancy, most of the talent featured is from Australia. In fact, I searched for California talent and found NONE. I'm sure that will change very quickly. You might want to submit your demo now and be among the first Californians on their list.

The only drawback I can see for talent is the price of admittance: About $150/year to be listed. Not sure its worth it yet - with no California talent, I'm sure there aren't a lot of producers that will be hitting the app here in my state. So maybe Talent Please will consider waiving the fee, for say, the first 500 Californians to sign up? We should ask.

While Talent Please claims to be the first iPhone app for voice over, Online Voices, it appears, actually is the first.

I see a couple of advantages to Online Voices ever Talent Please. First of all, Online Voices has a companion website - the company is more than just the app. You can search for talent through a web browser as well as the app. Second, maybe I missed it, but I didn't see a fee for talent to get on the roster.

I did have a little trouble with their website... It switched to Swedish on me a couple times, and my Swedish ain't so great.

Both of these apps are relatively new. Might as well jump on board. They might be on to something...

Voice Over with Marice Tobias

Marice is one of the top Voice Over coaches in the industry. I've personally trained with her and she is amazing. I can STILL hear voice her in my head - when I'm reading scripts, and even when I'm just having a conversation.

Here is a great chance to gain some valuable information from her. If you ever get a chance to train with her, DO IT. It's good for your career.

You can check out her website here: