Final Cut Pro X

Oh baby.  Yesterday, Apple debuted Final Cut Pro X - the first complete revamp since the app was released in 2011.  In addition to voiceover, I'm also an editor, and I'm on Final Cut Pro all day every day.  I even clean up most of my auditions in Final Cut, because I'm faster with it than I am with Sound Track Pro and Pro Tools, the two audio apps I use.

Here's what it looks like:

I'll skip the fluff and get to the highlights:

•  Runs in 64 bit and can use all of your RAM and all of your cores.  Holy cow.

•  New interface!  I've been SOOOO bored of the old one.

•  Improved media management.

•  Background rendering!  Supposedly, you can keep working while its rendering and the system won't slow down.

•  Auditioning - try out an edit without messing up your timeline.

•  Mix and match formats.  Baby.

•  Image stabilization, media detection, people detection and shot detection on ingest. Sounds iMovie-ish - but if it works, people detection could be huge!  It takes me two days to do a full break down of a movie (ie, find and label every time Jack Sparrow appears in a shot in Pirates 4).

•  Add keywords to clips instead of subclipping to organize.

•  Keep working while importing!

•  Auto color correction and color matching.

•  Magnetic Timeline - audio/video stays in sync.

•  Automatic audio clean up.  I have my doubts... but anxious to try it.

• Inline precision editing - you can see handles.

•  Auto syncing waveforms.

•  Localized adjustments - choose one thing to tweak in a shot.

•  $299!  Holy crap that's inexpensive.

I will likely buy it the day it comes out.  I'm giddy as a school girl.

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