Portable Studio

Last weekend my son Kelsen got married in Utah.  Not wanting to miss any voice over opportunities, I packed up my, um, "portable" studio and brought it with us on the 11 hour journey. 

My "portable" studio consists of a MacPro with over 5 TB or hard drives, a 24" LCD monitor, an Audio Technica 4040 mic,  an M-Audio FireWire Solo, a desktop mic stand, keyboard, mouse, and various and sundry cables.  Probably 50+ pounds of gear.

So how did it work out?  Well, there were auditions I could have done, but nothing earth shatteringly important.  And, I, like, didn't even set up my computer...   I was busy watching my son get married and jammin on the Flo Rider for his "bachelor party".

So what's my current take on voiceover on vacation?  If you have a job you must read, of course take your gear.  If you vacation a lot, you should probably get a truly portable studio - a laptop and a good USB mic - you know, something you can take on a plane.

I probably will get a lap top within the next year, but no huge need now.  I'm also excited about  creating finish quality audio using your iPad or iPhone.  I think its possible now.  I mentioned a couple iPhone apps in a prior post.  Sure, you won't have the amount of control you have using ProTools, but I'm confident you can create clean audio on your iPhone now.  Before I get a laptop, I think I'll try a mic for my iPhone...

And this is what I was doing when I could have been doing auditions.  I look like an idiot.


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