Portable Voice Over Studio - VO on the Road

Every once in awhile, I'm able to escape.  I mean, full on escape.  Just leave town, alone.  At this stage of my life, a solo 7 hour road trip is really a lot of fun.

I recently took such a trip from my home in California to meet up with my brothers, one of my sons and my nephew for a guy vacation.  We met in St. George, Utah for some amazing mountain biking.

Along with my mountain bike, luggage and a crate for my new Border Collie to be picked up on the rebound, I also brought my portable voice over studio.  My travel studio consists of an iPad, Twisted Wave, and an Apogee Mic.

But come on, its vacation, do I really want to WORK on vacation?  Well, sort of.  I actually love doing voice over.  And while I don't go out of my way to audition on vacation, if I client needs something right away, I want to be able to provide it...

Sure enough, after I left the house, a client emailed and needed a script read.  So I drove up I 15 and found an offramp to nowhere.  I pulled down a dirt road, where the only noise I could hear came from the shrieking cactus.  I whipped out my studio, put a towel over my head, recorded, edited and sent.

If you're serious about voice over, a portable rig isn't a bad idea.




  1. that answers nicely the concerns many have about getting "set up" properly. have voice with travel - very encouraging.

  2. Wow, that's a fanatstic voice over studio and it's a nice idea to take your VO studio with you even when you are going on the trip.