I've been in desperate need of personal space.  Leila has the office at home - a detached structure with all her photography stuff in it.  I feel like an invader when I go back there.  

We have a 5 bedroom house - full of kids, who will never leave.  So no office space for daddy available there any time soon.

Leila suggested we build out a section of the garage. So I got a quote.  Then she said it was too much money for something so temporary as she wants a car soon.  Somehow, she's grown tired of driving the 8 passenger Astro van while I drive the Bimmer.  Who can blame her?  She'll want her car garaged.

So she suggested I just section off a portion of the bedroom.  I did.  Tho it IS the bedroom, I fell like it's my space to a degree.  All that was lacking was a computer...

Lets see.. Leila has and 8 core MacPro with dual monitors in her office as well as a new MacBook.  I have, well, nothing...  What did I want?  A 17" MacBook Pro in my office in the garage.  

What did I settle for?  I moved the MacPro into the bedroom. 

 I took the old 19" CRT beast with it, and set up Leila with the 24" Dell attached to her laptop in the office, making it as clean and simple as possible.  She also gets the 750 GB external drive.  I'll get her a 500 GB internal drive so she can have all her stuff on her laptop and use the external drive for time machine backups.

Dude.  I'm giddy as a school girl.  I have some space of my own.  Sort of.  I've got my mic up there but the acoustics aren't great.  I'll fix that, and get some speakers, and I'll be in business.  I even brought the all in one printer up there.

One monitor kind of suckss - but the solution for now is Spaces - My mac allows me to have a bunch of switchable work spaces.  Pretty cool.  So many features on Mac I don't even use.

Now all I need is a website and about 5 agents.

Then I'll be happy.

Trevor Jones

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