I've got a ton of stuff on my list to get this voice over thing cranking...

•  Get my demo back
•  Have my post demo private with Nancy
•  Determine my brand
•  Determine domain name and buy it
•  Get my website up
•  Update voices.com with my demo and weblink
•  Upgrade voices123.com
•  Get agents in major domestic markets
•  Consider agents in foreign markets
•  Post comments on VO blogs to get my name out there
•  Figure out how to be an internet termite. I'm already doing google alerts
•  Audition as much as possible on voices123 and voices.com, for practice if nothing else
•  Formulate a complete plan, including what I'll do each day

Leila just got back from a 3 day photography seminar and has some new software that's supposed to help you stay organized.  I'll have a look at it.

I submitted about 6 auditions today at voices.com.  I'm finding what I like and what comes naturally... Its also much easier to sound natural, courtesy of Nancy and Jeff.

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