The Ultimate Portable Voiceover Studio

Most of the time, I'm within about 30 feet of a voice over booth.  But sometimes I'm on the road.  Yes, I know, I should take a real break every once in a while and totally relax.  But, I  love voice over - even doing auditions. Sometimes, a client needs a job done, no matter where I am in the world.  I've traveled with a big chunk of my real studio and I've also left town without anything.  Neither option worked.

I researched and tested and finally found what I think is a pretty amazing travel studio.  It consists of the iPad 3, TwistedWave, and the Mic by Apogee

When the iPad first came out, I thought it was a waste.  Just a big iPhone.  Now that I have one, it's indispensable.  I use it all the time - from email, to reading auditions and of course, recording auditions.

I tried other apps for recording on my iPhone and later on my iPad, but nothing met all of the features I needed. Specifically - recording quality of at least 48k/16 bit, the ability to easily and quickly edit and exporting options that included both mp3 and AIFF.  TwistedWave meets and exceeds my needs for voiceover. 

For a mic that costs $199, the quality is incredible.  Joe Cipriano AB'd the Mic against his Sennheiser 416 and the results are impressive.

I thought I was the first one to notice this exact set up, but right after I recorded this video, I saw a post on Kara Edwards wall on Facebook and she found exactly the same thing!  Brilliant minds think alike.

Check out the the video to learn more.

Go ahead and shoot me an email with your questions, I look forward to connecting with you.


  1. Oh man! That was awesome! I accidentally watched your entire video! I assumed I was going to get bored and turn it off, but I was totally interested and entertained! You're brilliant!

  2. Hi,
    Nice video Trevor :) It is all very well, but how do you cope with noises and reverb in a room?
    I guess that MiC being a condenser microphone isn't rejecting much of the background noise doesn't it?

  3. So glad you shared this. It is so much simpler than I ever imagined!
    Twisted Wave rocks & so do you...Thanks!

  4. Thanks for the replies all! Karol, as far as noise and reverb, I just find a quiet place, like a closet, or even my car. On a recent road trip, I had to record some audio for a client, so I just pulled off the freeway and found a quiet dirt road. I put a towel over my had, and bam, clean, quiet audio!